Hester Mallonee

Hester Mallonée was born in California and spent her young childhood in Arizona and New Mexico. She lives in Washington State and paints throughout the West, and occasionally in the South and overseas. She creates many of her works in the celebrated Western parks and monuments, and has been Artist in Residence at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, and Oregon Caves National Monument. Her art has been exhibited in the Unites States and in Britain.

Famous parks are not Hester‘s only fare. She will stop to paint any nameless lovely place that takes her eye. She enjoys back roads, hidden gems, and unusual challenges like volcanic terrain, the underground world of caves, and the landscape at night.

Landscape is Hester‘s greatest love. Art and the desert were how she was raised. Her parents loved the Southwest, returning every summer, since her father was a college professor and the family had time, if not always money. They slept in a big blue truck, traveled where they chose, and learned great lessons on the road and on the trail.

Hester is a self-taught painter – so her own artistic learning journey is ongoing. She continually reaches out to teachers of her own choice. These include her own painterly self-analysis, workshops, books, other painters, and the finest teacher of all, Nature itself.

Hester has created workshop curricula in landscape painting, still-life, iconography, and outdoor survival for painters. She has taught in classrooms, community centers and workshop settings for twenty years. She loves her students, both adults and children, and she makes room for core principles, a spirit of inquiry, and a lot of fun.

There has been a woman painter or musician in Hester‘s family in most generations from 1800 on. Now her family holds artists and musicians of both genders. Hester is sure that her love of the land and the open, enquiring way she raised her children have sparked their art. Next year she will take her grandson on his first plein-air painting road trip.

At present Hester sells privately and takes commissions. Her most recent gallerist retired and she is taking time to paint, teach, and grow before making a push to get re-galleried. She is highly engaged with plein-air work. She says, “I follow my inspiration, take my time, and paint at the nexus point of what I like and what I think other people will enjoy. In place of the big blue truck of my childhood is my own big red van, and I sleep in it out in the desert without fear, just as when I was young. It’s a hard life but it’s a good life.”

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