Marilyn Manwaring

Marilyn is a self taught artist in several 2 dimensional mediums. She recently began specializing in Scratchboard. This is an art form from the 19th century when black and white photography became the vogue. Artists began creating scratchboard to compete with photography, so it was traditionally black and white. In recent decades, color has become a part of scratchboard, also. The base of most scratchboard is mason board, covered in a kiln-baked clay and then topped off with a layer of India Ink. The artist must use varying levels of pressure to create the whites, grays and almost blacks of this art form.

If color is desired, Marilyn prefers to use watercolor to get the translucence she desires, but almost any form of paint may be used. Some of the tools she uses are exacto knives, medical grade scalpels, or fiberglass brushes. Marilyn strives to create high contrast shadows and lighting, so scratchboard has become a favorite artform for her

She has received numerous awards in Oregon, Death Valley, Arizona, and Washington. The most notable award was the Nancy McLaughlin Female Artist of the Year in 2015. After living in Oregon most of her life, Marilyn and her husband now reside in Arizona so they can be closer to their daughters and grandchildren. You can find them west of Phoenix with various animals including dogs, horses, and homing pigeons.

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