Lydia Sutton

My name is Lydia Dany Sutton. I was born and raised in Daufenbach, a small town in the Eifel region of Germany. I started my art career as an apprentice to the famous photographer and painter, Heinrich Haas, in the nearby city of Trier. There, I learned all about classical photography, but I really became intrigued by the fine art of painting. After graduating from photography school, I worked for several years as a professional photographer.

Then my life took a different turn. I married, had a family, and basically followed my husband around the world. I lived all over Europe and the United States. During my travels, I had the opportunity to study painting with many wonderful masters. I was trained in the classical approach, but my style tends towards impressionism.

My preferred medium is usually Oil, but I am not locked into any one medium or subject. Whether I paint landscapes, figurative, or portraits, I find myself drawn to the rich colors and the light which falls upon the subject. I strive to capture the excitement of discovering something new or rediscovering something long forgotten and share that moment with the viewers. I have maintained a life-long interest in the ways of other cultures. The indigenous people and animals frequently show up in my work.

There is no end to the joy of painting.
Above all painting means to be yourself,
To be free, to be physical,
To be as passionate as possible.
Color and light, what can be more beautiful!

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