Lori Twiggs

Lori Twiggs was an energetic, outdoorsy tomboy who also loved to color and create. At the age of ten, her parents enrolled her in a private oil painting class which left an imprint that has lasted a lifetime.

Her career goal was set for commercial art – but that would change when she met a boy in high school, who she married shortly after graduation. They later moved to a small farm in the Pacific Northwest where she was a stay-at-home mom to three boys and picking up the brushes once again when the youngest entered school.

Yet, Lori’s father died in 2006, leaving her to care for her mother with Alzheimer’s. An event that contributed to her leanings toward quiet, introspective artwork. She was overwhelmed with enormous responsibilities but learned a valuable lesson: that we are surprisingly stronger than we think.

Her artwork was squeezed into tiny bits of free time. Tiny still life paintings on small canvases that she sold on Ebay, but the compositions became quieter. Colors became less splashy, more atmospheric and drifted towards chiaroscuro (strong light and shadow).

Her mother passed away six years later. By then, she had learned to slow down, focus on what’s really important, sift out extraneous details, and enjoy those around her. Her artwork had developed a sense of quiet elegance, reflecting outside what she finally felt inside.

Lori and her husband still live on their farm. She says, “I try to live what I learned from those events and pass those lessons onto my children and grandchildren. I hope my artwork can inspire others to do the same. “

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