Edlee Quesnell

Raised a 3rd generation family member involved in the Washington fruit industry, I first became aware of the beautiful characteristics of woods.

An early memory of my attraction to woods when I was introduced to Junior high wood shop. I created a book rack, lamp, and a mahogany coffee table, still in use today.

I played wood string instruments, beginning in 3rd grade. While playing and caring for these instruments, I became more conscious of the various qualities of wood used in music.

In college, I took a surveying class that qualified me for a Forest Service summer survey job, which involved week-long camping deep in the forest where my appreciation and knowledge of wood species flourished.

In college, I attended Jewelry classes, studying under Ramona Solberg, which widened my interest in design using various materials, Thus, I started my artistic design career.

I graduated college with a math and physics degree, became a computer analyst/programmer with Boeing and Lockheed but always maintained my primary interest in the world of design. So, after years in the computer world, a hand-made leather, jewelry, and gift company was created. I designed and displayed handcrafted Northwest items for over 40 years across seven western states.

Among all these craft show years, I purchased and remodeled several homes, where I became reacquainted with using different woods in creative and useful ways to enhance homes.

I attended my first wood turning class given by a family friend, Ted Bartholomew in Tacoma. This inspired me to be creative with beautiful woods from around the world. I learned to use the lathe and how to incorporate different design techniques with tools to embellish bowls and sculptures. I was fortunate to purchase this longtime family friend’s wood shop and home. I have been creating wood art ever since. My interest in design with wood art has expanded to pyrography, texturing, piercing, carving, and coloring.

Our two recent “Around-The-World” Cruises allowed viewing of the World’s art & architecture which continued to expand and inspire my design creativity.

In conclusion, I continue life, with my artist wife of 43 years, Julie Blakemore-Quesnell, enjoying the use of wood as an expressive art medium. We inspire each other and enjoy the world as artists/designers.

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